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10 Healthy Foods to Eat For Breakfast

Did you know that if every day you are doing breakfast on a regular basis can provide good effects to your body such as keeping appetite, muscle building, energy is needed to move as well as your brain.

For those of you who are on a diet, it is recommended for not skip breakfast, because breakfast regularly may help your body into a better metabolism thus burning fat in your body will be maximized.

However breakfast you should note well, breakfast is good for you in the morning when should have carbohydrates and fiber and several kinds of proteins in need of your body.

Foods such as oatmeal or bananas contain resistant starch, resistant starch which helps your body to use excess fat in your body into energy. You just needs to have some 10 grams per day in order to maximize your diet.

Here are 10 of the best food recommended for breakfast in the morning:


This fruit is very popular in recommended for those of you who want to go on a diet, in because bananas have carbohydrates and fiber is good for the body. Bananas also coined the potassium that is good for consumption for people who will have hypertension (high blood pressure).

Bananas are good for consumption is the banana skin that has a slightly greenish color. in because of the not so ripe banana contains 12.5 grams, ripe bananas have a content results in 4.7.


Eggs are the most used food ingredient as a morning meal. It turned out the eggs have protein is good for people who are on diet and vitamin D.

Compared with the carbohydrate food and high fat, turns protein in eggs makes your body feel more full, and durable. Eating eggs regularly can also help you lower the better diet.

It is recommended not to eat too many eggs, just 1 egg in the morning.


Sour taste turned out to have a wide variety of protein and calcium are good for the body, as well as assist you in making healthier diet.

Eat yogurt regularly in the morning turned out to help your body more slim, and keep your body in order to stay full. Yogurt also helps you have a better digestive system.

Yogurt is good for consumption in the morning to be the one of plain yogurt or fat content (nonfat), if you want a little taste of sweet mix yogurt with fresh fruits.


According to a study done at Harvard, was a peanut butter helps in weight loss. Although peanut butter has a high calorie (100 calories per 1 tablespoon), was a peanut butter can be an alternative source of protein in your body need in the morning.

Nuts also contain good fats for your body, so you do not need to hesitate to consume the peanut butter in the morning.

6. TEA

Although tea is not included in the food category, was drinking tea every day gives a good effect for your body. The content of antioxidants in tea also gives a good effect for your skin to look bright.

Both the consumption of tea is green tea, green tea drinking as much as 5 cups a day may increase metabolism and reduce your weight.


Oranges have a wide range nutris and a high Vitamin C content, either eaten directly or made in the juice.

Oranges are also a fruit that has a high water content is about 87%, so your body more easily in the absorption of nutrients and vitamins that your body needs, it turns orange also helps facilitate defecation.

4. raspberries

Fruit belonging to the type of berry is proved to have various effects that are good for the body. Berries are also known to have a very high antioxidant content.

Antioxidants in the berries could prevent the growth of cancer cells and assist you in making the diet. People who have obesity recommended eating regular raspberries.

1 cup raspberries fruit has a high fiber content which is 8 grams.


Bread is one source of carbohydrates, but eating bread as your carbohydrate intake in the morning preferably whole wheat bread.

The content of the wheat on wheat bread has fiber and nutrients were higher compared to white bread / fresh.

Eat whole wheat bread containing eggs it can make your body feel full because protein derived from eggs.


Kiwi fruit proved to be a very good fruit to eat for people who are on a diet.

Kadnungan vitamin C in kiwifruit is almost equivalent to oranges, kiwi also have a high potassium content, and fiber. Eating kiwi on a regular basis can help you in mempelancar your digestion and defecation.

Eating two kiwifruit a day can help you who are experiencing difficulty defecating.

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a grain-based foods, despite having a fresh flavor that turns oatmeal has a wide range of fiber and protein in the body need.

According to the study, eating oatmeal every day as breakfast can keep your health compared to other foods in the morning.

Eating oatmeal regularly advantages include:
A. can help your diet, in because of the high fiber content in oats make you feel full so good at eating 3 hours before you exercise.
B.beta-glucen in oatmeal helps lower cholesterol levels.
C. Assist in lowering the risk of heart disease


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